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NRFit Non-Luer Connectors

Today the Luer Connector is used for a number of medical applications such as respiratory systems or for access to the vascular system. These connectors being geometrically identical are therefore capable of enabling various connections, leading to dangerous misconnections being possible. In the past this has resulted in a number of serious incidents.

To ensure patient safety in the future, the ISO 80369 was developed. It was suggested that the field of neuraxial applications and peripheral nerve blocks should also have its own connector.

The aim is to increase patient safety by using non-luer compatible connectors to decrease the chance of misconnections. The NRFitTM products will be easily distinguishable from other products by their clear labelling and yellow colour coding and recognised as a product for regional anesthesia.

First, our REGANESTH® Plexus needle will be available as NRFitTM, supporting the implementation of ISO 80369 internationally.