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Hygiene in times of COVID-19

Dry thawing of blood components and stem cells



„The tempering process is carried out dry, that is, without the use of water as the heat-transferring agent and, thus, preventing possible contamination of bacteria associated with the use of water baths.“ (Heger et al., 2008, p.54)


More safety for the future

The worldwide healthcare sector is not only affected by the constantly increasing hygiene requirements but also especially by new and continuous challenges. By means of our dry tempering systems, the SAHARA product line, we are contributing to ensuring the highest possible degree of patient safety.


  • Avoids the risk of contamination from water-borne pathogens
  • Active drying of the storage bag surface provides hygienic conditions in the area immediately surrounding the blood product
  • Measuring of the actual blood product temperature
  • Easy-to-clean and disinfectable thawing environment
  • Gentle agitation in order to achieve a homogeneous temperature distribution within
    the blood products
  • Acoustical and visual alarm functions
  • Integrated system test


SAHARA - Safety, hygiene and comfort in one!                                                                                                  


Heger et al. (2008). A biochemical quality study of a pharmaceutically licenced coagulation active plasma (Octaplas®) thawed by the SAHARA-III dry tempering system compared to the regular use of a water bath. Vox Sanguinis. 94(1). 48-55