HAEM-o-TRANS  - System for autologous direct retransfusion

  • 10 µm micro filter effectively removes micro aggregates and fatty particles
  • Prevention of transfusion reactions and wound healing complications due to homologous blood
  • Prevention of alloimmunisation
  • Easy handling and fast availability of the retransfusion blood

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Ordering information

Order no.Description
79.8400.100HAEM-o-TRANS Unit
HAEM-o-TRANS-Set with quadruple connector, HAEM-o-TRANS Transfusion device 10 µm, HAEM-o-TRANS Blood collection bag 700 ml, HAEM-o-TRANS Drainage bag 700 ml
79.8400.203HAEM-o-TRANS Set with Y connector
Y-drain-connector, suction bellows with anti-reflux barrier, HAEM-o-TRANS Blood collection bag 700 ml
79.8400.220HAEM-o-TRANS Blood collection bag 700 ml
175 µm pre-filter, return stop, double sterile packing
79.8400.230HAEM-o-TRANS Transfusion device 10 µm
With integrated cascading filter 175 µm, 40 µm and 10 µm, single sterile packing
79.8400.270HAEM-o-TRANS Drainage bag 700 ml
Return stop, single sterile packing