SAHARA 4 - The new generation

Dry warming of blood components


Innovative - Safe - Versatile! The SAHARA 4 is a tempering system in which frozen blood products packed in plastic bags can be thawed and warmed prior to transfusion. Tempering is carried out dry, without the use of water as a heat transferring agent, by using a warming plate with 4 separate heating zones according to the principle of thermal conduction and by circulated heated ambient air according to the principle of forced convection.

Safe tempering

  • Contamination risks by water-borne pathogens associated with water baths are prevented
  • Actively drying the bag surface provides hygienic conditions surrounding the blood bag
  • Automatic system test during start up of the device
  • Over-temperature alarm and cut-out
  • Standardised thawing and warming process

Tempering function

  • Tempering at a constant, preselectable ambient temperature between 37°C and 42°C
  • Rapid availability of blood products through automatic recognition of aggregate state and convenient change during the running tempering process
  • Reduced thawing times
  • Visual inspection of the blood products through the transparent cover flap and interior illumination
  • Reminder to remove the blood products
  • Innovative tilting and pivoting motion of the warming plate to agitate the blood products
  • Delayed button response prevents accidental termination of the tempering process

Integrated function test

  • Checking the device functions
  • Use of additional measuring equipment is not required
  • Digital signatured logging via USB stick is possible

Data management

  • Optional storage of the temperature profile and registration data such as user and blood product number for each blood product
  • Automatic backup of the stored data on an external memory medium (USB stick)
  • Status indicator for external memory medium
  • Indicator for the number of saved data records of the current day as well as the non-saved data records
  • Quick and easy capture of registration data by means of a barcode reader (optional)
  • Easy import of the saved data records in common data processing software

Simple operation and cleaning

  • Presetting of tempering times is not required
  • Intuitive user guidance via the colour touch display
  • The device is easy to clean due to the removable warming plate, positioning frame and collection tray


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