Dry warming of blood components


„The tempering process is carried out dry, that is, without the use of water as the heat-transferring agent and, thus, preventing possible contamination of bacteria associated with the use of water baths.“ (Heger et al., 2008, S.54)


Temperature monitoring

  • Contactless determination of the blood product temperature using an infrared sensor
  • Quick availability of frozen blood products via ice-free identification
  • Display of the blood product temperature in the range between 29°C and 37°C

37°C function

  • Warming at a constant ambient temperature of 37°C
  • Simultaneous warming of different blood products
  • Simultaneous warming of storage bags with different filling quantities

Fast thawing function 

  • Quick thawing and heating of blood products

Protocol printer module

  • Documentation of the blood product temperature, error messages and the system test


  • Avoids the risk of contamination from water-borne pathogens
  • Active drying of the storage bag surface provides hygienic conditions in the area immediately surrounding the blood product
  • Measuring of the actual blood product temperature
  • Easy-to-clean and disinfectable thawing environment
  • Gentle agitation in order to achieve a homogeneous temperature distribution within
    the blood products
  • Acoustical and visual alarm functions
  • Integrated system test

Modular structure

  • Rapid switching between the basic model and MAXITHERM
  • MAXITHERM module: Expands the capacity of SAHARA-III to up to 6 storage bags
  • Additional functions such as infusion heating possible

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Ordering information

Order no.Description
97.8710.500SAHARA-III basic model
97.8710.502SAHARA-III basic model 115V
97.8710.802SAHARA-III MAXITHERM 115V                              


Order no.Description
97.8710.501Stainless steel collecting tray
97.8710.550Infusion heater module for SAHARA-III
97.8710.570Protocol printer module for SAHARA
79.8710.575Paper roll protocol printer
79.8710.577Ink ribbon for the protocol printer SP742MD
97.8710.580MAXITHERM module for SAHARA-III basic model
97.8710.590Heating plate module for SAHARA-III MAXITHERM