Blood bags & accessories

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Ordering information

Order no.Description
79.8701.502Blood Bag 500 ml with cannula
with 70 ml CPDA-1 stabilizer
79.8701.512Blood bag 500 ml with Luer-Lock connector
with 70 ml CPDA-1 stabilizer
88.7780.190Container 95x60x60
Box 95 x 60 x 60 mm
88.7780.197Box for plasma bags 130x25x200
Box 130 x 25 x 200 mm with window
88.7780.198Box for plasma bags 130x21x245
Box 130 x 21 x 245 mm with window 95 x 70 mm
79.8701.990Sealing lock for blood bags
For sealing the open blood bag ports following transfusion