Safe whole blood donation with efficient data management for mobile and stationary blood donation



  • Innovative mixing motion
  • Large backlit TFT colour display
  • Expansion of the basic device with optional modules possible
  • Integrated transport case
  • Data transfer via USB stick
  • WLAN/DECT wireless technology
  • Automatic tube and bag detection
  • Versatile Radio Scanner Multi Touch Pro

Optional Radio Scanner Multi Touch Pro:

  • 1D/2D barcode scanner and RFID Reader UHF
  • 5" TFT-LCD touchscreen with LED backlight
  • Impact-resistant display made of Gorilla Glass
  • Functions:
    • Reading of barcodes
    • Operation of the TOPSWING PRO II
    • Monitoring of the donation process
    • Input of external data

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Ordering information

Order no.Description
97.8700.410TOPSWING PRO II
Mains-free operation using Li-ion battery technology
Mains-free operation using Li-ion battery technology
97.8700.420TS-Power Charger
Charging station incl. mains cable for the quick and simultaneous charging of up to 12 TS-Power-Packs Li-Ion
97.8700.423TS-Power-Pack Li-Ion
Mobile power supply unit for the mains-free operation of the  TOPSWING PRO II via the Module TS-Power-Pack
97.8700.430Module TS-Power-Pack
Adapter module for the connection of the TS-Power-Pack Li-Ion with the TOPSWING PRO II
97.8700.432Module TS-Transport
Storage and transport cover
97.8700.433Module TS-Level
Enables the height adjustment of the TOPSWING PRO II during donation
97.8700.435Module TS-Level XL
Enables the height adjustment of the TOPSWING PRO II with stilts during donation
97.8700.443Radio Scanner Multi Touch Pro
97.8700.446Charging Cradle Multi Touch Pro
97.8700.440Scanner TOUCH 65 PRO
Barcode scanner
Enables the convenient adjustment of the TOPSWING PRO II as well as the configuration of the scan sequence during donation
97.8700.452TRANSComm II
Software which enables the data exchange between the TOPSWING PRO II and a PC
97.8700.453Customised TS-Software
Individual adaptation of the TS-Software to suit the user's requirements
97.8700.466TS data cable RS-232 3 m
For the connection of a PC and the TOPSWING PRO II
97.8700.980Calibration weight 500 g
Precision weight class M1